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Nursery &

Plant Supply


For over 25 years we have relied on our Nurseries to provide the highest-quality plant and unrivaled customer service. We stand behind everything we grow - feet firmly planted in the dirt.

Location & Accessibility

Our nursery farms are located near Rajahmundry - Andhra Pradesh, Spanning over 30 acres of our own agricultural land. We also set up satellite nurseries across all major cities depending on project and client requirements.

Variety of plants & Turf

We grow and supply all native and exotic varieties of plants and Lawn Grass. We are experienced and capable of handling bulk orders for large projects. With constant horticultural inputs, we supply quality plants ensuring 99.9% survival rates.

Pre-grown live walls 

To meet the growing demand for indoor and outdoor vertical gardens, we supply pre-grown modules that bring down installation time. It also reduces stress on potted plants and results in easy post-installation maintenance.

Efficient Supply Chain

Plants can’t just be packed and shifted around like non-perishable goods. We are experienced in dealing with complexities of nursery supply chain and well aware of the diverse needs of each plant and have robust transportation system in place.

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